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The Last Story by Eyes-0n-Me

I like it! Couple shots are hard to do! Good chemistry here!
The posing is good too, I like that its not a typical 80's back to back shot. I have found back-to-back shots are better when they're not quite symmetrical, and are a little staggered.

I like the lighting too, its bright, which makes the whole shot bright. Great detail on the costumes too, you can tell you have put thought into that.

I also like how the weapons cross each-other, but the sword is in front of the black, which makes it pop out more showing that detail.

A couple of things I'd tweak a bit, the masking around the two models, I'd make that either more clean (sharper), or I'd make it much more of a glow. If you have photoshop, I'd use the enhanced masking techniques, were you can modify the masks some more. use pen tool to draw paths that you can mask for the sharp edges, like the sword.

One more, which is more personal opinion really.
The background, I'd somehow make it more 3d if you can. Like show they're standing on something, maybe some form of depth, like shadows or something? could use your original background, to show they're standing on something? But again, thats just personal opinion, there's a place for this style too.

All and all, very good shot. Well done!
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